Tudor Tile - Lewellen Studio
Tudor Tile - Lewellen Studio


The Glossy and Matte finish glazes below are examples of the unique signature style of our muti-colored glaze. Virtually any color combination can be created for your project, including color matching.

Our primary focus is custom installations, we no longer make individual art tiles. The art tiles offered for sale on our web sites are from current inventory, select custom glazing, and installation art.

The various glaze colors on each tile, are all fused together in one firing. This method of tile making renders the best quality tiles in many ways, including durability and color consistency. See About Our Tile page to learn more.

Glossy Examples

Glossy Tiles Marshland
Glossy Tiles Damson Plum
Glossy Tiles Lemon Balm
Glossy Tiles Bay Laurel
Glossy Tiles Winter Green
Glossy Tiles Reed
Glossy Tiles Sweet Marjoram
Glossy Tiles Watercolor Green
Glossy Tiles Firebrick Green
Glossy Tiles Basil
Glossy Tiles Lady Slipper
Glossy Tiles Spring Bud

Matte Examples

Matte Tiles Partridge
Matte Tiles Corn Silk
Matte Tiles Columbine Blue
Matte Tiles Goldenrod
Matte Tiles Opal Green
Matte Tiles Beeswax
Matte Tiles Pheasant
Matte Tiles Spring Moth
Matte Tiles Old Silk Blue
Matte Tiles Dove Blue
Matte Tiles Amber Brown
Matte Tiles Mignonette Green